"Mommy, Your Cookies are Yucky!"

One evening in spring of 2019, Mary baked her first batch of gluten-free cookies.  They were gluten-free only because her son asked for chocolate chip cookies, and she had no flour in the house.  Without telling her son about the recipe change, he tasted them and declared them to be the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

Now for her son to have a strong opinion about cookies is not to be ignored.  When he was about 3 years old, he was angry with his mother for some reason, and as he sat at the kitchen table he shouted out the most insulting thing he could think of.  "Mommy!  Your cookies are yucky!"  He was not eating cookies at the time, and she was not baking cookies at the time, but as if the quality of a mother's cookies sets the standard by which all moms were measured, he needed to come up with something that would get her attention. That it did!