Aunt Mabel's Fudge Co.

Aunt Mabel's Fudge Co. was formed in 2018 by Mary Jo Diab.  Following a successful career at Fortune 100 companies, Mary was compelled to revive childhood memories from growing up on a farm in southern Illinois.  

One of those memories was of watching her mother make Aunt Mabel's fudge.  Mary could not yet see over the stove, but she could count on getting the wooden spoon covered with warm fudge as a special treat.  Mary's great, great aunt Mabel had a fudge recipe what was heralded as the best fudge anywhere.  Aunt Mabel lovingly made everything from scratch with natural ingredients.

After making fudge and giving it away for about 35 years, Mary decided to fill a few long requested orders allowing others to experience Aunt Mabel's fudge.  And that is how the business began.