Our Story

Aunt Mabel's Fudge Co. was established in 2018 by Mary Diab, an entrepreneur at heart.  

Mary Jo Ernst (maiden name) grew up on a farm in southern Illinois - and couldn't wait to leave.  She has seen a lot since leaving the farm in 1976.  She has an MBA from a prestigious school, enjoyed a successful career, and raised a wonderful son.  She also came full circle to help her brother convert the family homestead into a wildlife sanctuary and sustainable farm.

After more than 20 years at Fortune 100 companies, Mary had to step back from corporate America due to mobility issues caused by a neuromuscular disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT).  CMT-Type 2, in Mary's case, results in a reduced nerve signal to the muscles causing malfunction and weakness.  Most affected are her feet and hands.

Although in a total contact cast for the better part of six years, Mary found a way to roll around the kitchen and refine her great, great aunt Mabel's fudge recipe.  While taking careful notes, she tested every ingredient to find the best one available - from butter to chocolate and vanilla.  From time to time she mailed fudge to friends and family soliciting feedback.  The feedback was then checked against her notes to identify consumer preferences.

One constant preference in the blind taste test was Guittard chocolate.  Without exception, and for a number of reasons, the fudge made with Guittard chocolate topped everyone's list.  So, Guittard it is!

In parallel to the fudge refinement, Mary was also on a mission to create the best ever chocolate chip cookie.  She worked on this effort for about three years, and then by accident, Aunt Mabel's Gluten-Free cookies were born.  Only because she was out of flour!  Yes, forced to find a substitute for wheat flour, she created the best chocolate chip cookie ever!

Guittard, "the world's best chocolate", continues to be used exclusively in Aunt Mabel's fudge and cookies.  Every ingredient in every product is selected based premium quality and superior taste.

Today, Aunt Mabel's fudge and cookies are known for the top-shelf ingredients, and recognized as the best fudge and cookies in the world!