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Great great Aunt Mabel made the best fudge ever!  She passed the recipe along to my mother of whom I have precious memories making fudge when I was not even tall enough to see over the stove.  My favorite part was Mom giving me the wooden spoon when she was finished.  Mmmm . . . warm fudge.  Mom shared the recipe with me, and I made fudge for her and a lucky few who made it onto my Christmas fudge list.  In recent years I have experimented with new flavors and sought out the highest quality ingredients.  Now you don't have to wait until Christmas to get the best fudge you have ever tasted and share it with special friends, family and colleagues.  

Dried Tart Montmorencey Cherries and Pecans

Our Ingredients

We use only the best quality ingredients to create each batch of fudge.  It all starts with great chocolate, pure cane sugar, sweet cream butter, select walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts, Montmorencey tart cherries and pure vanilla extract. 

Mint Chocolate Chunk, Dark Chocolate Walnut Cherry, White Chocolate Pecan

Our Fudge

Go ahead.  Treat yourself and your friends.  Indulge in our fresh creamy fudge.  Experience the pleasure of tasting a variety of flavor combinations.  Try to pick a favorite.  Most customers have more than one.

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