Inspiration for "The Best Cookies EVER!"

Mary was on a mission to make the best chocolate chip cookie EVER!  

One evening, Mary's son wanted cookies, but there was no flour in the house.  Not wanting to disappoint him, she searched the pantry for something that might be a reasonable substitute for wheat flour (which was absent ever since she read about the KETO diet).  There was, however, almond flour.  It was expensive to use as a cookie ingredient, but up until that point all she had used it for was ruining gravy.  So, why not try almond flour!

Next, all the other ingredients and measures needed to be adjusted.  Mary assembled the mixture and baked her first batch of gluten-free cookies.  Unknowingly, her son tasted the new concoction and declared them to be the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!  

Tasters across the midwest tried the new cookies and were in disbelief that they were truly gluten-free.  These were not only good, but gluten-free or not, they were "The Best Cookies EVER!".